Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day to day goings on at The Inn

Saturday 17th May 2014.

Beautiful day, bright sunshine and blue skies.
Open all day today and all day tomorrow serving meals from 12 'till 8:30 in the evening.
Look forward to meeting you.


Sunday 18th May 2014

Great start to the day. Stonehouse bridge at 7:30 this morning.

Tuesday 20th May 2014

Not sure of the weather for this weekend. Metchheck forecast gives a bit of a mixed bag really but nothing too bad.
We still have some vacancies for this coming bank holiday so if you fancy a few days away give us a call.

Wednesday 21st May 2014

Can't believe the weather, bright sunshine.
The water in the river has all but dried up which makes a lovely walk along its limestone bed. If you're lucky and know what to look for you might even find some Dent marble.

Friday 23rd May 2014
Weather a little unsettled but forecast to improve over the weekend. We will be open all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday serving meals from 12:00 / 8:30 pm so why not drop in and see us. 
There are still some vacancies for the weekend so if you fancy a few days away please get in  touch.

Tuesday 27th May 2014
Nice day today so managed to get the marquee up for a function this coming Saturday.
There will be no food available after 3:00 pm on Saturday as I will be busy on the BBQ burning food for 50 guests
Went out this afternoon to catch the last of the bluebells in the wood over the road from the pub.
Tuesday 3rd June 2014
Back to normal now after a very busy weekend. The BBQ went well and everyone had a great time.
Making final arrangements for showing the world cup and things are looking good. Watch this space for further details.
The TT is well under way with a great result for Michael Dunlop and BMW and another yesterday for Gary Johnson and Triumph. Nice to see the Japanese dominance challenged. 
Haven't been out on the Harley due to work commitments but with a bit of luck I may be able to pop in to the Wake The Lakes rally in Kendal next month. 
Open all day again this weekend so if you're out and about why not call in.


Wednesday 11th June 2014
Busy few days getting ready for world cup (all England games shown starting with Italy game on Saturday) and work in general. A steady number of bookings coming through which is nice to see after what can only be called a lean period. 
Put an advert in The Biker Guide and very surprised that I have heard nothing at all from the motorcycle fraternity. The good weather is hopefully on its way so fingers crossed we may well hear from them soon.
I have been looking into a brewery trip to The Pennine Brewery which looks promising and will post more more details later along with any other events planned.


Thursday 3rd July 2014
Been a while since my last post due to heavy work load.
The world cup, music and beer festival in the village and this weekend the Tour de France.
Managed to get a few miles on the Harley this last week or two but unfortunately won't be able to attend the
Wake The Lakes rally in Kendal this coming weekend which is a pain as I could do with a break from the 18 hour days I've been doing for the past few months. Anyone in the Kendal area this Saturday who likes the sight and sound of Harley Davidson's should make their way to Kendal rugby club on the Shap road at approx 11am to see the Harley Owners Group set off on their Lakes tour and parade ride. An amazing sight. 
Got a booking from The Biker Guide this last week which was nice and hopefully more will follow. This really is a great location for motorcycling and one of the reasons I have stayed here so long.
Thanks to everyone who has been checking out the website, facebook page, twitter and blogger pages.
This is all new to me and doesn't come easy, but I am encouraged by everyone's interest in The Sportsman's Inn. 
Without all your support it wouldn't work.


Friday 1st August 2014
Where did July go?
Been very busy just lately and with there only being two of us here at The Sportsman our time has been pretty much taken up with keeping things in order.
The weather has taken a turn for the worse today with a little rain, but to be fair we did need it as the river has dried up in places. Hadn't realized how dry things had been until I took Joel to Stocks reservoir for a couple of hours fishing yesterday and was shocked by how low the water level was. 
We are still opening all day on Saturday's and Sunday's although the last couple of weeks things have been a bit quieter. The school holidays may change that.
Still getting good feedback regarding the website and other related matters so thanks to everyone for that.

Back soon

Wednesday 13th August 2014
Hawes and Wensleydale still buzzing following the Tour and there has been quite a few cyclists around lately.
In fact there is a Cycling Sportive almost every other weekend.
The Sportsman's Inn provides a perfect base for some of the finest cycling that the Yorkshire Dales has to offer. 
Directly from our doorstep is:
Dent/Newby head 422mtrs
Kingsdale 468mtrs
The Coal road 535mtrs
You could of course combine one or more of these along with the Buttertubs pass if you wish (though not for the faint hearted).
Give us a call now to book a weekend of Cycling heaven (or hell).

Sunday 7th Sept 2014
Lovely day once again in remote Dentdale, can't remember the last time we had such a good run of weather and hopefully there will be a few more fine days before Autumn / Winter arrives.
Thanks to Nick and Alison our first Biker Guide residents who stayed with us for a few days at the end of last month. The weather was great and hopefully they have both recovered from the effects of the mammoth runs that I sent them on. 
Going up to the Borders tomorrow to pick up some new members of staff!! Sound strange? Watch this space.
Our winter break deals start in October and details will be posted shortly.
Thanks again for all the nice comments etc. that have been posted recently, it is very much appreciated.

Bye for now

Wednesday 1st October 2014
Where did the year go? October is already here and the leaves are falling. There is a distinct autumn feel to the dale although it it still quite warm for the time of year.
I mentioned in the last post that I was going to pick up some new members of staff and I am pleased to say they have fitted in well.
For those who don't already know it I am talking about the mannequins that were surplus to requirements when the Devil's porridge museum relocated. 
What a laugh. 
I removed the parcel shelf from the Honda and set off to Gretna to pick them up. On arrival the staff were very helpful and had already taken them apart for easy loading. I was directed to park outside the entrance to make things easier and in a flash they had them loaded and the car doors closed. I set off for home thinking about the tricks I could get up to with the help of my new puppet friends, Halloween, Xmas, all sorts of things were going through my head. 
I was suddenly brought back to earth by two good looking females in an Audi who had pulled along side and were smiling and waving their mobile phones at me. Just as I thought my luck was in  they put there thumbs up and sped off. Weird?
A few miles further down the road another car came up behind me and in my side mirror I could see it was flashing its lights and waving, one was holding up his phone whilst the other was holding up an iPod tablet thingy. It was then that the penny dropped. 
The staff had thrown the body parts into the car and viewed from the back it looked like there was something rather naughty going on. I quickly put on my KD'S (the #1 cool biker shades) and found somewhere to pull over. When I opened the boot it didn't look good believe me.
Anyway I made it home without being arrested and all four of them have made appearances over the past couple of weeks. The biker one with the Hi-Vis vest is especially good at slowing down the traffic in front of the pub and the young female did a great job attracting people to the Macmillan coffee morning (£232.69 raised).
I hope they didn't get up to anything in the back of the car, but time will tell!
We are open all year so give us a call. We'd love to meet you.

Just before I go, the Sportsman's will be closed until 8 pm on Friday the 3rd of Oct.
This is so we can all attend the funeral of the late Mrs Jenny Holmes of Dent station house.


Sunday 19th October 2014
Wet, weary weekend in the Dales.
Busy putting together some events and things for the autumn/winter period. 
Starting with bonfire night on Saturday the 8th of November. Fireworks start at approx 7:00pm  followed by a hot supper here at the pub.
Our Christmas dinner this year will be held on the 21st of December from 12:30 and as usual booking is essential for this one off event. A good time to treat her indoors and let someone else do the hard work.
This brings us round to New years eve and this year we are pulling out all the stops with a medieval banquet and fancy dress. A hog roast (locally reared pork, marinated and slow cooked over a pit of charcoal) with roasted potatoes, vegetables and all the trimmings, mulled cider  followed by fruit pie and cream. 
So get in to your outfit, get in to the mood and get down and enjoy yourself.
Oh and get a ticket (limited numbers).

For further information on any or all of the above you can email 
or follow us on 

Toodle pip.

Thursday 4th December 2014 
Hi everyone,
the Christmas trees are up and decorated which means The Sportsman's has officially entered Christmas mode and we are now into our winter opening times which are as follows:-
Winter Opening

12:00 - 2:00
7:00 - 11:00
12:00 - 2:00
7:00 - 11:00
12:00 - 2:00
7:00 - 11:00
12:00 - 2:00
7:00 - 11:00
Open all day
Open all day

Food Available

12:00 - 1:30
7:00 - 8:30
12:00 - 1:30
7:00 - 8:30
12:00 - 1:30
7:00 - 8:30
12:00 - 1:30
7:00 - 8:30
12:00 - 8:30
12:00 - 8:30

These hours have been put up on our web site and will carry into March of 2015.

Our Christmas New Year opening times are:-
Sat 20th - Open all day 12:00/11:00pm                      Food - 12:00/8:30pm
Sun 21st - Christmas Dinner (BOOKINGS ONLY)
Mon 22nd - Closed all day
Tues 23rd - Open 12:00/2:00 & 7:00/11:00pm           Food - 12:00/1:30 & 7:00/8:30pm
Christmas Eve - Open all day 12:00/11:00pm          Food - 12:00/8:30pm  
(Mulled wine & mince pies served from 8:30pm)
Christmas Day Open 7:00pm/10:00pm (DRINKS ONLY)
Boxing day - Open all day 12:00/11:00pm               Food - 12:00/8:30pm
Sat 27th - Open all day 12:00/11:00pm                      Food - 12:00/8:30pm
Sun 28th - Open all day 12:00/11:00pm                    Food - 12:00/8:30pm
Mon 29th - Closed all day
Tues 30th - Open 12:00/2:00 & 7:00/11:00pm          Food - 12:00/1:30 & 7:00/8:30pm
New Years Eve Open 12:00/3:00 (DRINKS ONLY)         
New Years Eve Night - Medieval Banquet, hog roast & fancy dress (TICKETS ONLY)
New Years Day - Open all day 12:00/11:00pm       Food - 12:00/8:30pm

If you have any questions please ask.
Bye for now.

Sunday 7th December 2014
11:00am this morning.
Only 50yds from The Sportsman's front door!!

Saturday 21st March 2015.
Apologies for not keeping up to speed with the blog but I have been extremely busy over the winter months.
Decorated all the down stairs and upstairs, refurbished the private facilities for room six and fit new flue to dining room stove. The list goes on and I get older!!
This year looks like being quite busy if the advance bookings are anything to go by so looking forward to meeting hoards of hungry, thirsty walkers dropping in.

Spring is in the air and Upper Dentdale is showing signs of coming out of its winter slumber which means the covers have come off the bikes. The roads are still being gritted (for some daft reason) so it could be in to April before I venture out.
Hoping to attract more motorcyclists this year but short of putting a stinger across the road not sure what I need to do to make them call in. If anyone out there belongs to a group or comes riding in the area and has any ideas give me a shout. Always open to suggestions.

High fibre broadband has still not arrived yet although there does seem to be some signs of it happening in the near future. This means we are still unable to offer wi-fi at The Sportsman's.
Fingers crossed but until it arrives we will just have to be patient.

Was looking forward to seeing the eclipse yesterday but the morning brought heavy cloud. Didn't look promising.
Fortunately we got a break in the cloud and it made a brief appearance which I managed to capture on the camera.

Looking forward to a great 2015 season in beautiful Dentdale.

Monday 30th March 2015
Weather forecast for Easter predicts Saturday Cloudy 20% chance of rain, Sunday mostly cloudy 10% chance of rain and Monday Cloudy 10% chance of rain.
By my reckoning that works out at a 40% chance of getting wet over the Easter period.
So if you were to spend 50% of your Easter in the bar of The Sportsman's you should stay dry.


Thursday 30th April 2015
Easter has been and gone along with the good weather it seems. Easter brought bright, warm sunshine and things were looking up, but the last week has seen some very weird weather indeed. Sun, rain and snow combined with below average temperatures and the return of the dreaded road gritter has made life very interesting in the dale.
This bank holiday weekend forecast doesn't look too good but to be fair neither did the Easter one and those who stayed away missed some lovely weather. Either way we will be open all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the fires will be lit and there will be plenty of food and fine ale available.
If you are out on the motorbike this weekend and need to shelter from the tyre blistering heat we will be showing the MotoGP from Jerez on BT Sport.
If you are out walking on the fells this weekend please remember,
don't eat yellow snow..


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